2021 Festival Workshops

Saturday, April 17th
Online Workshops 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Advance Registration Required by April 14. Confirmation and Zoom links will be emailed April 15.
Workshops are free and open to the public, but donations are gratefully accepted!

11:00 am: Pouring Language into New Containers: Revision Strategies with Eduardo C. Corral 

 In this workshop, we’ll discuss strategies to put more pressure on the revision process. It’s important to rethink revision as a site of discovery and surprise, to leap beyond intentionality and rigidness. The strategies will help you to reconfigure the poetic line, subject matter, music, and the way language is arranged on the page. Please bring a draft of a poem to the workshop. 

12:00 pm: Poetry Forms for All Writers with Linda D. Addison

A workshop for poets, fiction & non-fiction writers to play with the different forms of poetry to use less words, to say more; heighten reader emotional reaction, clarify style/voice and handle writing blocks. We will explore different poetry forms. Time will be available for attendees to practice writing, including creating writing seeds. 

1:00 pm: Imagining the Field: The Poem as Ecology with Jake Skeets

Poet Kyce Bello talks about writing poetry as an ecological act. In what ways do our poems operate as ecologies – the words, turns, lines, constellations, imagery, and punctuation? In this workshop we will explore the imagination as field in composing poetry meant to leap off the page. 

2:00 pm: Absence in Perpetuity with Raquel Gutiérrez

Absence in Perpetuity invites thinking that goes beyond the “I” and the “you” in the poetic space of the page. We will think instead about distance and proximity, grief and mourning and address the context that underscores those losses. This is an inquiry based and reflective pedagogical approach to writing creatively against the backdrop of societal collapse brought on by pandemic and autocratic seizures of power. How might we make language for one another in an age of remote intimacy? These are prompt-based strategies to explore the absent other together in the Zoom age.